Vanilla is simple minded. Everything here is Vanilla Minecraft! (Besides you know Plugins)

The basic Commands

1) The #1 Server Command /rules (This will inform you on the Server Rule set, These are Strict rules!)

2) /rt (Does what you think, Random Teleport! Also Works in the Nether and End :])

3) /sethome , /delhome , /home (These are the home commands, /sethome {name}, /delhome {name}, /home {name})

4) /spawn (brings you to the spawn of Vanilla)

Tp Commands

/tpa (/tpa {player})

/tphere (/tphere {player})

/tpaccept (/tpaccept {player}

/tpdeny (/tpdeny {player}

Claim Commands

/claimlist (Checks the claims you have made)

/accesstrust (/accesstrust {player} Gives trust to the player)

/containertrust (/containertrust {player} Gives player access to Animals and Utilities)

/trust (/trust {player} Gives player ALL trust abilities [be careful with this])

/subdivideclaims (Switch your shovel to subdivision mode)

/restrictsubclaim (Restricts a subclaim for no perms from the Parent Claim)

/permissiontrust (/permissiontrust {player} Grants the player to share their permission level with others)

/abandonclaim (Deletes the claim you are standing in)

Shop Keepers

Hold a Blaze Rod with main hand and follow the instructions that appear in the chat box

Long Live Vanilla Community..

Staff Members of Vanilla are great to have around. But we will torture you as apart of rituals of the Vanilla Team!

Our Staff


Trainee Mods ● Mexanarock ● Kamo005 ● AlmostLegtGuy ● sakoi3


Junior Mods ● AsstralNocturne ● urmom101 ● itz_samu3l


Mods ●  XxAemilxX (My favorite person)


Senior Mods ● Elmo_Buzz (Don't be fooled, they are like an Admin for Vanilla)

Made by : AlmostLegitGuy (NotLegit)
Suggested by : XxAemilxX (Foxcy)
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