Vanilla is simple minded. Everything here is Vanilla Minecraft!

The basic Command needs

1) the first advised command you must always do is /rules Its the basic ruleset for Vanilla and other servers as well.

2)/rt command This works how you would expect it to, random teleport! Heads Up: This command can be used in the Nether and End so be careful!

Other Needed Commands /sethome (Does what you expect /sethome {name})

/home (/home {home name}

/delhome (/delhome {home name}

/spawn (Brings you to the Spawn)

Tp Commands

/tpa (/tpa {player})

/tphere (/tphere {player})

/tpaccept (/tpaccept {player}

/tpdeny (/tpdeny {player}

Claim Commands

/claimlist (Checks the claims you have made)

/accesstrust (/accesstrust {player} Gives trust to the player)

/containertrust (/containertrust {player} Gives player access to Animals and Utilities)

/trust (/trust {player} Gives player ALL trust abilities [be careful with this])

/subdivideclaims (Switch your shovel to subdivision mode)

/restrictsubclaim (Restricts a subclaim for no perms from the Parent Claim)

/permissiontrust (/permissiontrust {player} Grants the player to share their permission level with others)

/abandonclaim (Deletes the claim you are standing in)

Shop Keepers

Hold a Blaze Rod with main hand and follow the instructions that appear in the chat box

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