Starting Off[edit | edit source]

To start off Vanilla I will give a brief Intro to it.

Vanilla is a simple minded mode, everything here is well, Vanilla, no Custom Mobs, no Custom Enchants, pure Vanilla. It's a good way to take a break from Survival, the more Custom side of SGCraft, we offer a lot of things, such as a Shopping Distract, Claims, Etc. The Overall community is friendly the Staff Team is friendly as well! Feel free to join us via, down below is all Member Commands and including the Vanilla Team.

Basic Commands[edit | edit source]

Here is the Basic Commands for Vanilla and such

1) /Rules | The most important command in any server, and should always be read to get an understanding on what is restricted.

2) Claims | Claims are important as well you can use a Gold Shovel to claim blocks or a Chest by placing it down. No one can break those block unless you trust them.

3) Home Commands | A simple yet useful command. Simply do /sethome [name] and you are set, you can do a little with this but it is advised to use it.

4) TPA | You can Teleport Accept to and from users, it's useful for getting to friends or helping people out! Don't abuse this command to hurt others.

5) Trusting | You can Trust users in your claims, do /trust [name], this means they can Break, Place, Open, Close Chests etc.

6) RTP'ing | To do an RTP do /rt it will randomly teleport you at a set distance, this also works in The Nether and The End.

Staff Team[edit | edit source]

This is our Vanilla Team. They moderate Vanilla and help users in need.




Jr Moderator's





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