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To start off, Vanilla is the very basics of Minecraft.

Vanilla is one of the servers that is available in SGCraft where players are able to enjoy Minecraft with multiple players in them. Unlike other servers, Vanilla does not have any custom plugins in it such as custom enchants, custom mobs, etc. that would affect your overall gameplay.

However, since this server contains players from all around the world, SGCraft has provided a few exceptions such as claim lands and shopping district.

Claiming land is one of the initiatives that SGCraft has offered so that players may build their bases as big, spacious, glorious, and marvelous, as they want without ever worrying that their base might be griefed by others in their claimed land. This is also one way for players to offer their creativity to the community in the server. You may share your land with others so that you can expand your combined base even more! (just don't crash the server).

Shopping district is a place where most of Vanilla's economy is happening. It is a place where every player has a chance to build their own shops and sell whatever they desire so! This not only help other players that are in need of something desperately, but it facilitates Vanilla to be a helping community. The currency in the server is diamonds. But, players are can still trade with one another by bartering other stuffs, as long as both parties are satisfied.

Vanilla also has a friendly community and including mods that try to keep the server in peace and under control. Don't hesitate to ask for help in Vanilla!

Basic Commands[]

Here are the basic commands for you start your journey in Vanilla

  1. /rules
    • Provides players with necessary information about the server's rules. Any offence against the rules will result a penalty towards the player.
  2. /rt
    • Randomly teleports the player to random coordinate in Overworld. This is a good way for new players to start their journey. If you're in Nether, then it will randomly teleport you to random coordinates in the Nether. The same goes with when in The End.
  3. /warp
    • Easy teleportation to Shopping District, PVP Arena, Events/Games Area, etc.
  4. /sethome (name)
    • This allows players to create a home spot.
  5. /home (name of sethome)
    • This allows players to teleport back to their assigned sethomes.
  6. /tpa (player name)
    • This will send a teleport request to the notified player so that you may teleport to them.
  7. /tpahere (player name)
    • This will send a teleport request to the notified player so that they may teleport to you.
  8. /claim
    • This allows player to create a designated area as their claimed land. A golden shovel may also be used to claim lands. (It is advisable that a player should watch this video to know more about claiming lands). No other player will be able to disrupt or interrupt anything that is within your claimed land.
  9. /trust (player name)
    • This will allow the notified player to have access to everything in your claimed land.

Staff Team[]

This is our Vanilla Team. They moderate Vanilla and help users in need.














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