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Basic Info[]



  • Typhus is a rhinoceros (also known as a Ravager).
  • Typhus is also well known for dropping Mithril and two swords.
  • Typhus Have 1000 Hp (Health Point)
  • Typhus Have A Powerfull KnockBack
  • Upon death, Typhus Will Create A Black-Hole (it Pull/Sucked Player Into The Hole And Killing It)
  • It Will Spawn Every 30 Min


Typhus was once the great heir of the late King Ravager also known as the Great Raze. Once the great ravager war broke out, the Ravager king was killed and the heir was exiled. Now Typhus has roam all over the land of SGCraft finding materials and making 2 great swords of Sephiroth coming back to the Ice plains also known as the Great Kingdom of Maltic to seek Revenge of his betrayers.


  • Typhus Have a Huge Amount Of HP, A have a decent armor, so make a squad to defeat it.
  • Use Armor That Can Take Massive Of damage. (Minimum: diamond set Full Enchants)
  • Use Weapons(Sword,Bow,etc) That Have Quite decent damage (Minimum: diamond sword full enchants)
  • Always Prepare Gapples :)))



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