The best server by far

In Survival, players do what they normally do, but with a twist: Events and Custom Dungeons ! Players can and will get Custom Items/Enchantments from those activities.

Note: the world border 40k by 40k overworld, nether and ender.

Useful Commands[edit | edit source]

/rules : Always read the rules

/wild or /rtp : teleport player to a random overworld location.

/sethome : show the sethome commands

/home : show the home commands

/spawn : instantly teleport player to spawn hub, no cooldown, can be triggered anywhere

/warp : open the warp menu (try these out!)

/party : show the party commands

/ah : open the CrazyAuction plugin menu

/tpa [player name] : teleport to the specific player location

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the wonderful world of opportunity that is survival , to start your experience, type /rtp or /wild to teleport out of spawn and into the wild. Once you're out, you can do whatever you want (no hax pls) but finding a place to call home is recommended.

Survival Ranks and Its benefits



- Set 1 home teleport

- Gain $50 every 10 minutes

- 1000 claim blocks

- 15 chest shops



Playtime: 2hours

Travel: 10km

Monster Kills: 100

Account Age: 2days


- Set 2 home teleports

- Gain $60 every 10 minutes

- 2000 claim blocks

- 20 chest shops



Be an Explorer

Playtime: 24hours

Travel: 100km

Monster Kills: 1000

Account Age: 7days


- Set 4 home teleports

- Gain $80 every 10 minutes

- 3000 claim blocks - 25 chest shops



Be a Veteran

Playtime: 8days

Travel: 500km

Monster Kills: 5000

Killed 2 Ender Dragon

Killed 2 Wither

Account Age: 14days


- Set 6 home teleports

- Gain $100 every 10 minutes

- 4000 claim blocks

- 30 chest shops



Be a Champion

Playtime: 7days

Travel: 1000km

Monster Kills: 5000

Killed 10 Ender Dragons

Killed 10 Withers

Account Age: 30days


- Set 8 home teleports

- Gain $120 every 10 minutes

- 5000 claim blocks

- 35 chest shops



Be a Pantheon

Playtime: 21days

Travel: 10,000km

Monster Kills: 35,000

Killed 25 Ender Dragons

Killed 25 Withers

Account Age: 60days

Trade with Villagers: 100 times


- Set 10 home teleports

- Gain $140 every 10 minutes

- 6000 claim blocks

- 40 chest shops



Be a Legend

Playtime: 50days

Travel: 20000km

Horse travel: 500km

Pig Travel: 500km

Blocks mined: 500000

Monster Kills: 50000

Monster kills (dragon): 80

Monster kills (wither): 80

Account Age: 120days

Traded with villagers: 1000

Items Enchanted:1000

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