General Info[edit | edit source]

We are an economic based Skyblock server with minions and spawners and 5 different starter island to choose from [classic|snow|villa|desert|swamp].

Start an island, invite your friends to join you, rank up and compete for top 10 island in island level, bank and votes.

Dont forget to join our server's discord channel [ ] to view rules, updates and many more.

If you wish to chat with players on the server but have no access to minecraft, you can use discord at #skyblock-chat to chat with people. Do note that there is a 15 sec cooldown.

If you face issues, bugs or glitches in the server, go to #skyblock-issues and type `-new`

Feel free to show off your awesome builds in our #skyblocks-showcase channel in discord :)

The server is currently in maintenance as it updates to 1.16 to include the Nether Update

Useful Commands in the Server[edit | edit source]

  • /is There are lots of subcommands, so running the command '/is' can help by opening a GUI.
  • /is invite [name] to invite your friends to your island
  • /is c This command is not in the GUI. You can complete challenges for rewards.
  • /is ban/kick [name] This command is not in the GUI. You can ban or kick players who are annoying from your island
  • /warp Shops/Mines/Jail/Enchant/pvparena/skydungeons These are warps where you can run the command and it will instantly warp you to that place.
  • /sell This command will sell whatever you are holding in your hand for a certian amount. If it can't be sold, it is deemed as 'Worthless'
  • /duel This command will put you into a pvp arena with whoever else you choose(they must accept)
  • /trade This command puts you in a GUI to trade. More info below
  • /ignore [name] Ignores a player you detest
  • /msg [name] [message] Messages a player
  • /r [message] Replies a player
  • /ah Access the auction house
  • /ah sell [amount] [quantity] Sells things on the Auction House
  • /pay [name] [amount] Pays a person money
  • /is challenge Show the challenge available for you and get rewarded for every challenge you finish

Trade System[edit | edit source]

This is how we trade on SGCraft Skyblock

Trading System

Only trade IF you trust that player.

Put your items or money into your side.

When you are done, click the green wool. If it appears again, click it.

The trading system looks like this:

Ranks[edit | edit source]

You can rankup by: /rankup

You can see your rank by: /rankinfo

You start as a normal player with no tag.









Prestige I



And it resets all the way until Prestige V

Rules[edit | edit source]

1) Spam: Typing excessively in public chat warrants a mute.

1st time offence: 30 mins Mute
2nd time offence: 30 mins Mute
3rd time offence: 30 mins Mute

2) Autoclicker : All sorts of automining/autofishing/autofarming mobs are not allowed.

1st time offence: Warning
2nd time offence: 1hr ban
3rd time offence: 3hr ban
4th time offence: longer ban time/ permanent account ban

3) Griefing/Looting: Taking items from others island is griefing. No items will be compensated if the victim's items were stolen due to trust settings.

1st time offence: 1hr jail
2nd time offence: 3hr jail
3rd time offence: 1d ban

4) Trading: Only trade with the trading system /trade or with the auction house /ah. We discourage drop trading and items will not be compensated if you get tricked.

5) Kill or Stealing Ender Dragon kills: will result in a 30 minutes jail and more vigorous punishment in 2nd or 3rd offences.

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