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Game Modes[]

SGCraft has 7 game modes currently and they are Survival, Skyblock, Kitpvp,Vanilla, Events,Earth War & Bedwars. They kinda good

  • Survival - - Do you think you can survive a night. Try your luck with this server. Mobs you didn't think existed. Worlds you think was lost. Items the Gods gave you. Be the best out of the best and survive the night. Explore and destroy. Be rich and hold power. Come and see the tremendous power that this server will hold for you.
  • Skyblock - - Fancy an economic based Skyblock server with minions and spawners? Look no further and join SGCraft's Skyblock server! Come join us in the sky and rank up to SkyEmperor and rule the sky. Compete for baltop and island level/bank/votes! Be top 10 in any of these category to enter the leaderboards! Will your island be the richest island, most voted island or both?
  • KitPvP - - Do you think your the best. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best PvP player out there. Go in this server and challenge the best out of the best. Once you think you can beat them, think wrong and challenge the PvP God. Beat him and be one yourself
  • Vanilla - - Do you hate playing games that are way too hard with countless mobs chasing you. Well this server is not like that. instead this place is a place where strong mobs fear and the weak ones love. It once store the power to repel even the best out of the best of mobs. so just chill and kill those weak mobs and have friends and make amazing fortune.
  • Bedwars - - 1 bed, Infinite life, Lost comrades, 1 Goal. DESTROY EVERYONE BED TO BE THE WINNER. Be the one who comes out the top and be the best fighter in the lost worlds of beds. Where only valuables spawns. upgrades purchused. power held. Be the best and unbeatable king of this world of beds.
  • Earth - - Earth is a towny based gamemode in SGCraft. It went through lots of changes in its lifespan despite being a new gamemode. The server consist of wars, alliances, diplomacy, geopolitics and excessive toxicity.only on 1.16 :<

We are a good and growing community, and would love for you to join us!!!