Once upon a time there lived an Emperor of great kingdom that descendants reigned over a growing kingdom that hold a large population of the residents called Sakura . The local residents lives in the safe and peaceful atmosphere as same as the time passing by . Life is the journey of living and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, which makes the pain bearable , during trying times , by providing hope .

In the changing of times , a small quake happening and the people of the Sakura Kingdom feels panic and scared . They running away and tried to survive from the cataclysm , the peaceful of the Sakura seems to End and joyous of the Kingdom is ruined . Suddenly a large catastrophic earthquake occured and the ground split into two . They caught sight of a demonic being came up from below and it is the Demon Lord come from the Underworld trying to seize the Sakura himself and of course for the Blood Ruby .

At the middle of the Kingdom, there’s a castle named Azuchi, a place where a lot of Dojo used by the Sakura Warrior to train themselves and there also lives the great warrior of Sakura named Ashina . Ashina is also known as the care taker of the Azuchi Castle with the assist of her other fellow disciple to protect the Castle . Rumor told that , there's a sacred runes that lives inside the Azuchi Castle , Blood Ruby , was sealed and hidden inside the Castle . No one knows where did Ashina hid the Blood Ruby because Blood Ruby are important to the Kingdom . By using this Blood Ruby , anyone who touch it will feel the strong power that can teleport them where they wanted to go.

Demon Lord arrived at the entrance of the Kingdom and he saw the human was running away and he quickly dash toward the human instantly ripped out the human soul and possessed them into evil being .  The Kingdom were really terrible and badly damage and the only one who cause massacre it is all done by Demon Lord . The warrior tried to defend the castle but killed , they get cursed by the Demon Lord . Those Warrior got possessed was return back alive with corrupted minds that's full of revenge . Ashina tried defend the chaos attack in the Kingdom Of Sakura but too hard for her to handle it alone because Ashina need to take care and look after of the Blood Ruby before its fall into Demon Lord Hand .

Ashina assign his loyal and the most devoted warrior , Gengyo , to guard the gate of Azuchi and avoid the Demon Lord Enter the Castle . Demon Lord came and he challenge Gengyo if he can kill the Demon Lord himself and stop him from destroying the Kingdom . Slash after slash, and hit after hit Gengyo fought Demon Lord so hard until at one point , Gengyo reach his limits and he feel his energy decreasing and the light turns dim upon him . Demon Lord charge toward Gengyo and make a counter attack to get his sword pierce Gengyo body . The moment become silent , Gengyo fall and Shidora who saw the fight come after Gengyo that were laying on the ground .

Shidora can't do anything . She were only an old women who brews the finest medicine for the warrior in Azuchi Castle . Shidora always bring her strong medicine the " Ancient ash " , but still the medicine can't heal Gengyo . Shidora feel very bad on losing Gengyo as she treat him like her own son . Gengyo was very kind to every people in Sakura and always help the people who in need . Gengyo feels that his body become more weaker . The Demon Lord laugh , he came toward Shidora and Gengyo and said that no one can challenge him and because he is the only one that is powerful .  Without any mercy , The Demon Lord killed both of them as Shidora accept the fate where she belong to be with his son , Gengyo . As soon as Shidora and Gengyo died , they become corrupted , resurrected and their mind full of hatred .

There’s still a hope to stop the Demon Lord but he successfully enter the main gate of Azuchi Castle and he dare to challenge the remaining Sakura Warrior to beat him before he snatch the Blood Ruby from Ashina. As the time passing by , Demon Lord clear all his path to go to the Main Castle of Azuchi as he slay Akihiko , Gengyo Apprentice , with only a single blow with this Demon Sword that make Akihiko lost his ability and died . Demon Lord keep looking for the Blood Ruby in every Dojo and hunt Ashina , unintentionally , he found a secret pathway inside a well near the Dojo . The Demon Lord feels that Ashina might hide the Bloody Ruby inside the Well and without waiting any longer , he immediately enter the underground well and even the maze inside was hard but The Demon Lord solve the maze easily and there he met GetaAkuma .

GetaAkuma was an ugly person that look like a crocodile man cursed by the witch of the lake because he made a false promise and turn forever as Crocodile man and locked up inside the underground well as he was embaressed with his own look but he was a really nice person that like to help other people . GetaAkuma life end as same as the Demon Lord slay Akihiko and yet the Demon Lord still cant find the hidden Blood Ruby there . He continue his hunting to the East and he met Akiyama and his apprentice , Yuna . Akiyama was an expert bowman in Sakura and always look after the Azuchi Castle at night . Yuna, a young woman that interested to learn to be a bowman like his master , Akiyama . Her skill in bow was really bad , but in handling sword she was an expert even Akiyama himself cant fight Yuna .

The Demon Lord , charge to both of them and fight till Akiyama made a mistake , he been dragged down to the pond and his last arrow he shot hit Yuna herself . Yuna fall and Demon Lord quickly dash toward Akiyama and prick his body with the Yuna Sword on his hand . They both died in that fight and still Demon Lord cant find the Blood Ruby near the pond and the Dojo next to it . He continue his way to the last place he spotted , The Azuchi Palace , the only place Ashina cant move anymore even she cant escape and run from the Sakura and let her people suffering . He entered the castle and keep searching for Ashina with Blood Ruby . He climb up all the way up by the stairs to the last step of the castle floor and he saw Ashina was stare to the Kingdom from the window , was destroyed and ruined by the Demon Lord . The Demon Lord laugh so hard and tell to Ashina that all her desciple was dead and they are all become corrupted . Ashina cried and the Demon Lord asking about the Blood Ruby and ask her to give him immediately but she refused .

The Demon Lord nod , and he challenge Ashina to fight him , she accept it as she wanted to avenge her disciple and all people in Sakura with all chaos that done in the Kingdom . The moment have come , they gathered in the castle hall for one last showdown . They wielded their sword and start to fight . Blow after blow and hit after hit , both Ashina and the Demon Lord feel exhausted Ashina force her energy to hit Demon Lord again but fail , she keep hitting until she felt soo weak . Unfortunately , she got stab from her back and fall to the ground the Demon Lord not wasting his chance and immediately pierce Ashina's heart by using the Demon Sword . The Demon Lord stand still yet he got hit from Ashina and his blood scattered all over the castle . Ashina died and become corrupted .

The Demon Lord got the Blood Ruby and leave Sakura forever . No one will ever step on sakura again , but are you brave enough to stand alone and survive on challenge her and the Sakura ?

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