Nipheria Forest

Nipheria forest will give you your first unique dungeon experience in SGCraft as it is the simplest among the other dungeons in terms of mobs difficulty and map structure. Nipheria Forest can be enter at /warp dungeon by talking with (right clicking) the Nipheria.

Normal mobs

[Level 1] Weak Zombie

[Level 2] Zombie

[Level 3] Strong Zombie

[Level 4] Soldiers

[Level 5] Captains

[Level 6] Generals

[Level 7] Assassin

[Level 8] Samurai

[Level 9] Toad

[Level 10] Knights

Field BOSS

[Level 11] Nipheria Invader

[Level 11] Mutated Rats

[Level 12] Mutated Spider

[Level 13] Raged EnderMan

[Level 14] Cursed Rats

[Level 15] Miners

[Level 16] Strong miners

Dungeon BOSS

[Level 20] Nipheria

Tips and Tricks for killing the boss:

  1. The boss is considered an undead mob so smite V would deal more damage.
  2. If you armor is lacking it is possible to cheese it by climbing the vines and regenerating health while it cant hurt you, going down and up and eventually killing it.
  3. It is also possible to glitch into the arena by finding one block high places, using elytra and using the /sit command. Find one block high gaps and crawl into them then run the command, it will pop u into the arena. It might be still possible to eat chorus fruit and teleport into the arena (might be patched) (Patched)

Photo About Nipheria

Nipheria in.jpg
Nipheria Forest Entrace.png

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