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Nipheria Forest[]

Nipheria is the first dungeon to be added in the revamped SurvivalRPG! This simple yet fun dungeon will give you a taste of whats to come in the future for SurvivalRPG! Nipheria Forest can be enter by typing /warp Nipheria after completing the first quest.

Unlocking Nipheria[]

Once you spawn into SurvivalRPG, you will be greeted with a tutorial page and lots and lots of arrows. Simply follow the arrows and read the text in the holograms and you will have a very good understanding of the class system. Please go through the tutorial before spamming the chat with questions. If you still have questions or issues, do not hesitate to message our support staff or our mod staff and they will assist you.

Nipheria is unlocked after talking to the warden (turn right and walk straight at /spawn). Once you talk to the warden, a yellow path will lead you directly to Nipheria. Once you have unlocked Nipheria, simply /warp nipheria to return to it!

Normal mobs[]

[Level 1] Forest Slime

[Level 2] Young Treant

[Level 3] Swamp Nymph

[Level 4] Nature Spirit

[Level 5] Overgrown Knight

[Level 6] Lost Knight

[Level 7] Treant

[Level 8] Forest Seer

[Level 9] Forest Guardian

Field BOSS[]

[Level 12] Xylem

Dungeon BOSS[]

[Level 15] Nipheria

Armours and Weapons[]

There are 9 classes and each class has 2 armour sets and 2 weapons sets available. These are known as tier 1 gear and tier 2 gear. The prices are same for each class but the stats are different. The prices can be found right outside nipheria (walk straight and turn right from the /warp nipheria location).

Leaves and Barks

All Normal mobs and miniboss have a chance of dropping Leaf of Yggdrasil. These leaves are required for both tier 1 and tier 2 gear.

Nipheria herself drops 1-3 Bark of Yggdrasil. These barks are necessary for the sale of tier 2 armour. The prices can be seen at the NPCs at /warp nipheria.

Tips and Tricks for killing the boss:[]

  1. Go with a party of 3 for max chance of killing boss. Your friends being there will encourage you and make killing the boss easier!
  2. Nipheria has a rooted attack which will hold you in space for 3 seconds and not allow you to heal while rooted. So try to be on high hp always!
  3. The time limit to kill the boss is 165 seconds. While tanking damage is good, you want to make sure you have good damage as well otherwise you might run out of time!