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Please note that Page 2 is part of Earth Season 1 and is to be ignored. Thank you!

The Earth Map

Earth is generally built up based on the Kingdoms system and the 1:1000 scale of Minecraft Earth Map. Ore and biome distribution are based on real life locations, more information can be found in the link above.

The entire map is built on the 1.12 version of Minecraft. Hence there are no pillager outposts. However, the 1.15 and 1.16 update was added to the map so Nether is the new version and bamboo and flower forests can be found.

The real-time dynmap of the server can be found with the /map command. All terrain changes in the server can be seen from the flat view of the dynmap. If you move your cursor to the right of the dynmap, you can also find options for surface view, which allows players to see the altitude of the builds better; and cave view, which allows players to see cave structures. The map for the end can be found there as well. However, there is no map for the Nether. If you click on a player's name in the sidebar of the map, it will also show you the real-time location of the player.

Towny System

Earth's gameplay is based on the towny system, where players start by building towns that cannot be griefed by outsiders unless given permission in town settings. Players can also form nations to unite the towns. Only nations can ally with another nation. Creating towns and nations will cost money. Money also needs to be deposited into town bank to claim outposts.

The towny claim system claims by chunks instead of blocks. Each chunk claimed is considered as a 'plot'. Individual plot settings can be customized further to provide more security against other players.

Both the overworld and nether can be claimed, the end however cannot be claimed.

Basic commands of towny includes:

/t new (name) -for creating a new town

/t spawn -teleports player to the town spawn

/t deposit (amount) -deposits money into town bank

/t claim -for claiming chunks around the town

/t invite (name) -to invite a player to join your town

/tgui town -further settings of your town

/t claim outpost -claims a chunk far from your town as an outpost

/t outpost list -shows the number and location of your town outposts

/t outpost (number) -teleports player to the town outpost according to number on outpost list

/n new (name) -creates a new nation

/n add (town name) -adds a town into your nation

/n ally add (nation name) -allies a nation

More information about towny settings can be found in the Earth Guide Book or here.


MCMMO is a plugin that provides rpg-like aspect to the gameplay. Not only does it enhances resource collecting, it also enhances combat experience. The more useful skills includes but are not limited to: Mining, Acrobatics, Unarmed, Swords, Axes, Archery and more. MCMMO operates on a level based system, the player can level up the skills by performing related actions; such as mining blocks to level up the mining skill and shooting mobs with bow to level up the archery skill.

Help for MCMMO can be found with /(skillname) ? . For example, to see more information about the mining skill, simply do /mining ? .

Leaderboard for MCMMO skills can be found with /mctop and /mcrank to view personal rankings.

Vehicles(Disabled Temporarily)

The vehicle plugin is included in Earth. Vehicles such as bikes, cars, tanks, helicopters and planes can be bought with in-game currency. The vehicle shop can be accessed with /bikeshop, /carshop, /tankshop, /helicoptershop and /planeshop. Tanks, helicopters and planes have explosive weapons that can be used by the player with holding a fire charge and right clicking for tanks and helicopters while planes can drop tnts with holding tnt and right clicking.

The vehicle plugin has however been disabled since 2nd of July 2020 for the 1.16 update, and is to stay disabled until further notice. Players cannot drive the vehicles but can still operate the cannons of tanks and helicopters.

Custom Enchantments

There are also custom enchantments; also known as "ce" in Earth. Custom enchantments bring more color to Earth and gives more fun to combat and resource collecting. The custom enchantments are generally based off the Advanced Enchantments plugin, but may have a few changes.

The custom enchantments can be bought with experience points in Earth and are categorized into simple, unique, elite, ultimate, legendary and heroic enchantments; requiring approximately 26, 91, 122, 166, 200, and 228 respectively. To purchase the custom enchantments, simply do /e, and a custom enchantments window will show up. Each tier can be right clicked to show the list of enchantments that are included in that tier.

Do be aware that custom enchantments have a success and destroy rate. A high success rate means that there are higher chances for the custom enchantment to go into the item whilst destroy rate refers to the chances for an item to be destroyed due to failing the custom enchant. Success dusts can be acquired by putting custom enchantment books into the tinkerer located at the bottom left corner of the CE gui and applied on custom enchantment books. Only success dusts and mystery dusts will come out of the tinkerer. Mystery dusts do not provide any effect.

The alchemist can be found at the bottom right corner of /e. It allows you to combine custom enchantment books of the same type and same level to form the same type of book but one level higher. For example, two timber 2 books can be combined to make it timber 3. This action requires experience points as well.

Earth Season 2[]

Changes from Season 1[]

  • We are now using a plugin called Kingdoms! It introduces a new way of playing as turrets and structures are added!
  • Map has been reset, thus creating new kingdoms and nations!
  • Masswar has been added to encourage raiding!
  • Envoys! They are loot chests which give you loot when you find them.

Kingdom Commands[]

================BASIC KINGDOM COMMANDS================

✲Opens the interactive kingdoms help pages for the players. Options: [page] The page number.

"/k help [page]"

✲Create a new kingdom with the specified name. Options: <name> The name of the kingdom.

"/k create <name>"

✲Rename your kingdom. Options: <name> The new name of the kingdom.

"/k rename <name>"

✲Claims a land for your kingdom. Options: [auto/fill/x] auto Begin to automatically claim lands as you go from one chunk to another from where youre standing. fill attempts to fill the shape (by claiming them) with connected borders that are marked by claimed lands. <y> Used only if [x] parameter from the previous parameter is used. The y axis of the chunk you want to claim.

"/k claim [auto/fill/x] <y>"

✲Set your kingdom lore. This lore will display when players come from another land to your land. Options: <description> The description of the lore.

"/k lore <description/remove>"

✲Teleport to your kingdom's home. Moving or getting damaged during the teleportation, will cancel it. Once you make a new kingdom, it will automatically set your home at where you're standing if the land was automatically claimed successfully.

"/k home"

✲Sets your kingdom home at your location. Options: [Safe Options]

"/k sethome [center/centerAxis/centerDirection]"

✲Removes your kingdom home.

"/k unsethome"

✲Change your current chat channel. Options: <channel> The channel to switch to. Can be Nation (n), Kingdom (k), Ally (a) and Global (g) [message] Send a message to this channel without switching your main channel.

"/k chat <channel> [message]"

✲Disbands your kingdom and all the lands and members will be lost. Only the kingdom king can do this.

"/k disband"

================ECONOMY KINGDOM COMMANDS================

✲Put or take money from your kingdom. Kingdom banks are used for taxes. Options: <deposit/withdraw> Whether you want to put or take money. <amount> The amount of money to take from or put to your account.

"/k bank <deposit/withdraw> <amount>"

✲Put, take or transfer resource points from your kingdom. Options: <deposit/withdraw/transfer> deposit Convert your money to resource points. withdraw Convert your kingdom's resource points to money. transfer Transfer your kingdom's resource points to your nation's and vice versa. [kingdom/nation] <amount> The amount of resource points. <deposit/withdraw> Whether you want to put or take money. <amount> The amount of money to take from or put to your account.

"/k resourcepoints <deposit/withdraw/transfer> [kingdom/nation] <amount>"

✲Sell a kingdom item for resource points.

"/k sell"

✲Donate resource points to another kingdom. Options: <kingdom> The kingdom that you want to donate resource points to. <amount> The amount of resource points you want to donate.

"/k donate <kingdom> <amount>"

✲Shows a list of special items that can give you a specific amount of resource points for each item.

"/k tradable"
================RELATIONS KINGDOM COMMANDS================

✲Changes your kingdom nexus location. Options: [open/remove] remove Remove your kingdom's nexus remotely.

"/k nexus [open/remove]"

✲Promote a player in your kingdom to a lower priority rank. Options: <player> The player to promote.

"/k promote <player>"

✲Send a request to a kingdom to change your relationship status with them. Options: <kingdom> The kingdom to request the relation.

"/k ally/truce/enemy <kingdom>"

✲Revoke your relationship with a kingdom. Options: <kingdom> The kingdom to revoke relations with.

"/k revoke <kingdom>"

✲Demote a player in your kingdom to a higher priority rank. Options: <player> The player to demote.

"/k demote <player>"

✲Kicks a member out of your kingdom. Options: <member> The member in your kingdom that you want to kick.

"/k kick <member>"

================INVASION KINGDOM COMMANDS================

✲Invade another kingdom's land.

"/k invade"

✲Surrender during an invasion. If you're invading a kingdom and you surrender, the champion will despawn and the land owner will not change. If you're under attack and surrender, the champion will despawn and the attackers will get the land.

"/k surrender"

✲Toggle PvP to fight with someone else. You'll be able to attack people who are your allies, or even your kingdom member. Both players need to have this enabled for it work. This mostly depends on kingdoms relations. If you don't have a kingdom, it'll only have effect when a kingdom set their PvP relation attribute for Naturals to false.

"/k pvp"

✲View the top ranking kingdoms with the highest mights.

"/k top"

✲If you're under attack by another kingdom, use this command to teleport to the champion. Moving or getting damaged during the teleportation, will cancel it. This will teleport you to where the invasion was started to avoid getting stuck in traps.

"/k teleport"

**================EXTRA KINGDOM COMMANDS================**

✲Show the map for your current location or change its settings. You can also claim lands from the map. Options: [auto/reset/height] auto When you go from a land to another land, the map will automatically update. reset Reset your map's height and width to the default size. height Set your map's height. [width] Set your map's width. <player> The player to demote.

"/k map [auto/reset/height] [width]"

✲Toggle kingdoms flight This will get disabled by the following things: If you get close to someone with fly attribute If you go to an unclaimed land or a land that the kingdom doesn't allow fly attribute for your relation. If a player damages you even if the first scenario above is not happening. Things that prevent kingdom flight from being disabled: Getting close to a player without a kingdom. Getting damaged by natural causes. When in admin mode. When in creative or spectator mode. If you're op or have one of the kingdom flight bypass permissions. Your flight will not be disabled instantly by default, you'll be given a few seconds before returning and if you fail to do this or do this but instantly go again, your flight will be disabled.

"/k fly"

✲Shows detail about a kingdom.

"/k show [#KINGDOM/#PLAYER/kingdom/player] [kingdom/player]"

✲Settings related to land visualizers and indicators.

"/k visualize"


"/k visualize toggle"

Toggle land indicators when you go from a land to another.

"/k visualize permanent"

Permanently keep the land indicators. (The titles will stay go away)

"/k visualize markers <type>"

Important things to know before playing:[]

Enemies can invade your land and take over your entire base. To prevent that from happening, place turrets and make multiple layers of walls to strengthen your defense. Every new Kingdom gets a 7 day shield and after the shield expires, other kingdoms can invade your land. There is also a Pacifism option if you do not wish to invade or to be invaded Click on your nexus -> Click on the nether star (settings) -> Pacifism: Enable When pacifism is enabled in your Kingdom, others cannot invade you but if you invade someone, your Pacifism state will be revoked and there will be a 7 day cooldown before you can enable pacifism state again.


You can invade others kingdom by standing on their claim and doing /k invade. When an invasion starts, the defending kingdom's champions will spawn and turrets will attack you if present. If you successfully defeat the champion(s), get past the defense and break their nexus(the beacon), their kingdom will fall and you will have all of their land and structures. Invasion will require 1 attacker and 1 defender to prevent offline bases from getting invaded.


During Masswar, kingdoms can invade others free of charge. Invasions outside of Masswar will cost 20000 resource points. The Pacifism state and Shield will not be effective during Masswar, so Pacified Kingdoms and Kingdoms with shield can be invaded. Masswar will be held at 7pm SGT every Saturday and will last for 3 hours. In order to be safe from enemies, gather as much resources as you can to strengthen your defense. You must also hone your PvP skills and form big alliances instead of fighting alone.


Envoys are essentially loot crates where you can find good loot. Every 2 hours, 5 random supply crates will spawn around the world(only in overworld luckily). It is on a first come first serve basis.

NOTE: Once you close the chest, the chest and the loot will disappear!

Do /envoy current to show all envoys that are unlooted.


Tier 1 Crate: 50% Spawn Rate - Diamond 40% - Shroom light 45% - Bamboo 45% - Blaze Rod 45% - Slime Ball 40% - Cooked Beef 40% - Earth Key 20% - Netherite Ingots 40%

Tier 2 Crate: 40% - Blaze Rod 45% - Diamond 40% - Earth Key 20% - Slime Ball 40% - Netherite Ingots 40% - Elytra 5%

Tier 3 Crate: 15% - Netherite Ingots 40% - Earth Key 20% - Elytra 5% - Looting 5 Netherite Sword 3% - Heart of the Sea 8%

Tier 4 Crate: 10% - Netherite Ingots 40% - Excalibur 3% - Elytra 5% - Earth Key 20% - Prot 5 Netherite Chestplate 5% - Prot 5 Netherite Helmet 5%