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Earth is a towny based gamemode in SGCraft. It went through lots of changes in its lifespan despite being a new gamemode. The server consist of wars, alliances, diplomacy, geopolitics and excessive toxicity

"Hello Adventurer! Welcome to Earth, where the strong strives and the weak despised. Once a great land with many rulers and hermits alike, is now in shambles. But you, young adventurer, can help restore the former glory of this now barren wasteland.

Form alliances, destroy alliances. Form enemies, fight wars. Cry for help, answer cries for help. Every inch of history in this server can be changed with a click of mouse"

- Earth's Guide Book

Earth 1.0[]

Early History[]

Earth was created on May the 2nd, 2020. Early towns were established such as; Munich, Outlaws, Beppu and some minor towns. The early life of Earth consisted of lots of lava casting. In the early days, two towns were at war with each other, Outlaws and North Korea, with Zenya4 and Destial the leader of the towns, respectively. Both towns lava-casted each other, to the point where Singapore had to step in and disable lava flow entirely to stop the mass casting. The infamous North Korea lava cast still stands to this day. This ended the long war between Outlaws and North Korea, making Outlaws quit Earth due to lack of activity. This was also the time two builders, ConfidentTepos and G4RY started to abuse their power, spawning Experience Bottles to get Custom Enchants(CE). They fought with other towns using illegal enchants and items. This was also the time a builder, NampaiKid, made the Trident, an illegal trident with max enchants that cannot be applied to a vanilla trident. This, however, ended when CE's were disabled, G4RY was demoted from builder and all illegal items were taken. Due to the violent and unmerciful nature of the two towns, new players that joined soon quit Earth and it left a permanent mark that will forever be stained with it's dark times. Although a lot of people quit, some people stayed. Those who stayed will make a huge impact on the server as a whole. Those who stayed includes; haru_kun4896, Destial, Lord_Tipi and Arya121. SunnySenpai was also a major player in Earth, creating the Solo town, striking fear into a new player's heart all by himself.

Commonwealth-Norway Era[]

(need more sources, looking at u haru and other oldfags)

On May 11th, a bloke named Acturuz joined the server seeking a time of peace between all nations and towns. He created Norway with AVI and joined the Commonwealth as vegasthenoob123 (Britain) helped him escape spawn. On the same day, julieistdiebeste raided Britain to annex it fully and AVI's alt account CORONAisreal tried to grief and steal 32 diamonds and get out incognito but he did not succeed. F4ER countered the raid with the Ghandi-style (speaking lmao). The next day, a war broke out with North Korea and the Commonwealth. Britain was being raided by Arya121 with an invisible potion and narrowly avoided arrows coming from Britain. The war turned into a stalemate (sources plz) as North Korea was not able to fully attack Britain. The very next day, Arya121 came up with plans to destroy Britain from the inside. He recruited Acturuz to help him do so and offer him protection and a god set in return that he betrays Britain. He agrees to do so with the intention that his actions will bring peace. Boy, was he wrong, and I know. vegasthenoob123 threatened to bring Beppu into the war (note that Beppu is an ally of Britain at this time). Beppu had no intentions in being involved in the war. A few days go by without any real event. One day, a war broke out between Norway and Britain. North Korea aided in the fighting with Arya being a notable person leading the war. Lord_Tipi (Beppu's member) was involved and started attacking the North. This sparked confusion but haru_kun4896 declared that Beppu isn't in the war and ordered Lord_Tipi to retreat. The war ended with a 'chat treaty' signed. A few days go by without any real events other than the first turtle was found on the shores of Norway, which surprised everyone. Then, a war broke out (it surprised no one). There's not much details about this war except Arya going all out on 4 Commonwealth members. He survived. vegasthenoob123 signed the Treaty of Pepe, which still exists somewhere in Norway's storage. A few weeks passed without a war. I have no idea what happened in between the end of the second war and the beginning of the third war. Oh yes, speaking of the third war, another war broke out. It broke out when vehicles were added and Britain, SunnySenpai, Beppu and Falkspise decided to celebrate the memorable day on Norway, without any permissions. SunnySenpai threatened to bomb the fjords around Norway, and another war broke out.

The third war changed the entire history due to how big and important it is to future events. When the war first broke out, SunnySenpai camped at Norway's orange tower, waiting for an opening to strike the inhabitants. He did a small oopsy daisy and died after crashing head first to the ground when flying with his elytra. NeonGr33n retrieved the items and SunnySenpai told him to hand it over. Acturuz then took the items and asked NeonGr33n to hand the rest over to him (by /tc). NeonGr33n then told everyone, in public chat that Acturuz took the items, which enraged SunnySenpai who threatened to destroy anyone who is allied with Norway. A few hours passed and he logged out, for the final time. After SunnySenpai left, Norway engaged in a scrimmage with Britain, with AVI and Acturuz on the frontline, and NeonGr33n doing god knows what. The war continued the next day and to end it all, vegasthenoob123 and Acturuz had a battle on the infamous Bridge of Britain. Acturuz won and vegasthenoob123 was forced to sign another treaty and put Britain in a weaker state, losing it's status as a sovereign nation. This would be the last major event before Britain crumbled. Around this time, julieistdiebeste secretly raided Britian by himself bit by bit. He destroyed the walls, then stole the items in chests, and slowly began to tear the base down. Halfway in, vegasthenoob123 joined the server. Julie said that someone had raided the base and he managed to get away with it. After a week gone by, the base was unrecognisable. In the end, vegasthenoob123 was stranded without a kingdom and he then left for awhile.

Norway's Rise, Leaving the North and Creation of the Philippines[]

After the third war, Norway thrived and made lots of changes to their bases. While that, Beppu and Falkspise did a lot of upgrades too, gathering resources, god sets. whyZek's town is also a key player during this town, as leppytheleopard occasionally do skirmishes around Earth. His intentions are still unknown. NeonGr33n aimed to create a town and left Norway. He made the Philippines KKK with Falkspise being their earliest supporter, supplying them with items and julieistdiebeste even joined the fresh town. During this time also, Beppu and Norway declared an alliance, making whyZek's town in a worse position than before. War quickly broke out involving the Philippines and Norway. Philippines was aided by Munich and managed to end crystal Destial to death. Although Munich aided the Philippines, Norway allied with Munich ending their involvement in the war. The war continued and ended with a stalemate as NeonGr33n keeps logging off during war. There will be more wars after this one which involves Philippines, most are minor and some are major. For now, the state of Earth is atrocious as war keeps getting waged every day.

Age of Decay[]

Philippines waterfall.png

As days goes by without the North being active, Norway Suck left the North and created their own nation called Scandinavia, which aimed to cease all opposing towns and absorb them straight to their nation. On this timeline, Earth quickly became dead within basically a blink of an eye. On the same day that Scandinavia was created, an error was found on Falkspise. Outsiders can build and break inside the base. Acturuz along with the help of AVI griefed Falkspise to oblivion and permanently left a scar in their base, which cannot be undo. There are no screenshots because Acturuz was retarded and didn't take screenshot of the griefed base. Julie subsequently quit Earth for a few weeks. The next day, Singapore held a vote; in which most people opted to disable PVP, most doesn't even play Earth anymore. This enraged the community especially our fellow Acturuz who created a waterfall around Philippines to express his feelings (refer to the right). An attempted 'Incursion' was created as Acturuz , Aarrior, vegasthenoob123 and AVI would water cast towns around Earth. The Incursion failed and they managed to water cast 2/6 towns. NeonGr33n did not leave the server and continued fighting unlike AVI who left the server and has not been seen on the server that day on.

Although being an ally (after betraying his own town, making ~3 people leave Earth), vegasthenoob123 decided to revive Britain, an enemy of Scandinavia. This did not please Acturuz and he declared war on vegasthenoob123. Although with many interruptions, vegasthenoob123 managed to repair Britain's main base with their own resources. With so many players leaving Earth and even old times players like haru_kun4896 becoming less and less active, Earth's status turned from bad to worse.

Age of Revival[]

There are a lot of events that happened in this period, but a lot of them cannot be recalled. Apology for any events that was missed.

This period of time is largely due to the creation of several active town which includes; Philippines KKK, Efferion and Hazardville. Efferion in this part of the timeline would bring a massive impact to the playercount, being one of the most active town. The return of DoopieDoo and earlrap2006 also managed to boost the playercount and thus making Earth somewhat relevant. Playercount went from 2 at peak times to 8+. The creation of Lisbon followed suit in the hype train and Earth was beginning to become more and more active. This period also marks the beginning of a great peace era. For the first time, no war was waged for a long time, and that number kept increasing. There were minor wars, like the watercast war, whyzek and CristianZio88's drama (sort of a drama, stuff happened will talk about it later) and Efferion vs Hazardville war.

The drama between whyzek and CristianZio88 started because CristianZio88 discovered one thing when he was scouting on whyzek's town base, 斧头帮 (futoubang), that whyzek has accidentally toggle all the permissions for outsiders to edit their town. With Earth being a competitive pvp server, CristianZio88 has of course made use of the opportunity to steal all of the cube skybase's resources and equipments. When whyzek came online afterwards, she was outraged seeing her base was now quite out of resources. The admin samixshady had to step in to convince CristianZio88 to return the items to whyzek and that's what he did. Whyzek later then toggled off town permissions to even her town members and never came online ever again. This is why leppytheleopard left 斧头帮 - because he have no access to his town whatsoever.

The watercast war involves Norway and Philippines. Julie and NeonGr33n were target enemies that led to (Acturuz) making a water cast. The water cast was a huge thing at first, since it's 3 layered and hasn't been done anywhere in Earth. This sparked a war which seems one sided, it's just NeonGr33n getting spawned killed over and over again. The water cast took days to clear since some game mechanics created water source blocks every 30 blocks from the top.

CE's were also re-added, which sparked players into grinding enchants. Towns made a temporary alliance with each other as they pursued to get enchants for farms and PvE.

Closure of Earth[]

Due to the lack of players, technical difficulties and many unfixable bugs, Singapore, along with fellow Earth veterans decided to reset the map entirely. This led to memorable war against each towns, to re-live the early days of Earth. However, the Earth server was closed down without prior notice on 22/9/2020 and has since stayed that way until now. Perhaps the admin samixshady has plans to revive Earth?

Earth 2.0[]

On 11th January 2021, Zenya4 and samixshady had reopened Earth. It was using the Kingdoms plugin. Everyone had to start anew so that no one had an unfair advantage. With this, grew the big nations. Falkspise, Athens(previously Norway), FubukiCult(previously Beppu), OrdenstaatZyaba, The Soviet Union(split from Falkspise), Ryvendor and protect(renamed from ping, only earth s2).

Age of Renew[]

With Earth being revived by the admins It was slowly being returned to Its former glory. Many old faces such as Acturuz, Aarrior, Julie And Leppy made a return, while some, like Destial, were banned. Some major faces began to grow who recently joined earth, like Limon, Izen, fxer and mrbeast6969. Even before the major conflics of the war even started, some of the bases were wrecked by Athens a small force in Scotland. One of the major bases wrecked by them was actually Falkspise. Shelter was carried out in a Jungle tree by carving the leaves for a small base for chests and basic needs. Majority of Falkspise split ways and the leaders continued on towards Serbia Kingdom, where their friends were and who just lost their base to Envy, was they sought refuge.

Age of War[]

The war started out when Limon, leader of protect, betrayed ALL his allies like Serbia, Zyaba and more, causing majority of them to go to war with him. Around that time, Ryvendor had shut down and the base was a wasteland after being raided. The Soviet Union came and turned it into their iron farm that helped them throughout the war. Meanwhile, 5 kingdoms were having a scuffle. Envy, based in Brazil and led by pegla2108001, Athens, based out of Athens and led by Acturuz and Leppy, Zyaba, based out of Siberia and led by mrbeast6969 and StereoSolution, The Soviet Union, based out of Russia led by Aarrior22, Lunae_, TheTunaGamer646, and TheRealPeppercup, with Serbia Kingdom, based out of Serbia, led by Sakoi3, Julie, Probsbro and yeeted_memezz. During the war, Serbia Kingdom and its allies Zyaba and The Soviet Union fought hard against Athens, being lead by Envy. During the war, lots of resource points, materials and more were consumed during the war until most of Serbia's resources were depleted. Eventually, Serbia was conquered by Athens and Envy while the members had fled to its last ally who was still open, The Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had lots of resources with its numerous farms and resource points. Some notable Serbia bases were bought back to The Soviet Union like the 8 Chunk Base and Coineum's fishing hut. Before the war, Envy's giant cobblestone base with its marvelous architecture was bought over by Serbia with lots of money after being captured by Zyaba. The base was left as a backup. This made Envy very angry as they teamed with Athens to fight back. While lots joined The Soviet Union as they saw Serbia unfit for living, Zyaba and its allies managed to capture a quarter of Athens' giant dome in North Africa. Multiple methods were used by the allies to break into Athens. It started out by Zyaba raiding into the base where they got really close to the nexus, but no one was able to invade into nexus territory. This caused the leaders of the allies to head underground to raid the nexus area where lots of chaos occurred, but eventually led to the base being conquered by Zyaba and its allies.

Age of Regression[]

After majority of the bases had collapsed, Athens and Envy became inactive and the bases were left untouched. There were no more threats and the player counts were dropping like flies as there was no more action. A random player, Aceq joined Earth and wrecked havoc on a base called Khisfire. Zyaba, with their gigantic border iron farm (belongs to mrbeast6969 and IzenIzen), made tremendous progress before being intimidated by The Soviet Union, which hit the 60 member cap after merging with Serbia. Several small bases became one of the largest active bases like MapleTree, which got raided by Zyaba as a test, and Chernobyl, which was a very large force with the biggest iron farms in Earth 2.0's history.

Without any notice, earth shut down for three days due to plugin problems, envoys were deleted, /map was broken, border was gone and even mcmmo was disabled for some time.

The Raid of Navotas and the Death of Earth 2.0[]

The Soviet Union kept having a monopoly over the map as OrdensstaatZyaba (previously known as Zyaba, ZyabaUnion) became inactive, with only IzenIzen and Kingcobra online. Just as earth looked peaceful as usual, a member of OrdensstaatZyaba, KingCobra, demanded to join TheSovietUnion for a 1-day trip. The co-leader of TheSovietUnion, TheRealPeppercup, allowed the visit. Thus, KingCobra had intel on every structure and detail about their base.

After a few days, Singapore added a language filter which solved the previous problems of racism, homophobia etc. being spread. Singapore also made the decision, with agreement of majority of the players, to unban all language-banned players. This caused the return of Acturuz, StereoSolution and a lot of players. However, just as the server is celebrating, the fun has just started.

On the second day of the revival, the leader of Athens, Acturuz invited OrdensstaatZyaba to raid TheSovietUnion. As someone has killed Acturuz with his godset on, and did not return his stuff. The co-leader (currently the owner) of OrdensstaatZyaba, StereoSolution, flew straight to TheSovietUnion's main base, Fort Navotas while Athens flew straight to TheSovietUnion's biggest Iron Farm, where Ryvendor was previously located. They waited until masswar starts, and started invading. Several Soviet members were online and bewildered of what was happening due to /map being unaccessible. TheSovietUnion was kicked out of UnionPact and was declared war by OrdensstaatZyaba and Athens. Invasions were made until the nexus was taken, which marked the fall of the biggest kingdom in all of Earth 2.0's history.

However, active members in TheSovietUnion like Lolnoyou, noraine, TheRealPeppercup, TheTunaGamer646 and so on fled to join another Russian kingdom, Chernobyl. Soon after the Soviet raid, OrdensstaatZyaba had a tp that leads to Chernobyl's crazy luck guy, Irvine's Iron Farm, one of the iron farms of Chernobyl. StereoSolution went over to troll and taunt them. Acturuz noticed and asked StereoSolution if they could raid Chernobyl, StereoSolution agreed since earth was about to end. But since they did not have CE (Custom Enchants) advantage, OrdensstaatZyaba and Athens failed to invade. Few days after, Chernobyl did an invasion to OrdensstaatZyaba's mega iron farm but they did not get in time to seize the National nexus, which marks an end for the conflict, a great loss, for the Russian kingdoms. Which made the server so inactive there was just 2-3 people online then.

On one fine day, the dreaded announcement on Discord came.

Earth 2.0 Closure Hey @Earth Player, Thanks for all the memories, with that, Earth 2.0 has come to an end.

The map had been regenerated and development work is starting. Will it be on 1.17? Will there be new plugins? We just have to wait and see.

Earth 3.0[]

Earth 3.0 Is a upcoming season of the classic earth server SGcraft is known for.

Earth 3.0 is running on 1.9+, with Towny as its main plugin, using 1.9+ pvp. However for now, it is still in beta and open for everyone to play. Stay tuned for more updates.