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How To Buy Or Sell Items?[]


There 2 Ways You Can Buy Items From People(s)[]

  • Using Command /ah
  1. Type /ah In Your Chat
  2. After That You Will See A List Of Item That People Selling It
  3. Pick One Item That You Wish To Buy
  4. After That Click Accept/Confirm

  • From Chest (This Quite Common In /warp Mall)
  1. Check The Chest If There A Sign Of it
  2. Check The Item And The Price Of the Item
  3. After That Mouse Left Click The Sign
  4. There a Chat Will Pop Up in Your Chat Bar
  5. Type How Many Item That You Will Buy (1,2,3,etc)


There 2 Way You Can Sell Your Item(s)[]

  • using command /ah
  1. Hold The Item That You Wish To Sell
  2. Type /ah sell (price) in chat

  • Using Chest
  1. Hold The Item That You Wish Sell
  2. Mouse Right Button The Chest
  3. Type (number for price) in Chat
  4. After All That Put Your (items that you wish sell) at the chest


There Some Other Thing You Can Use For Selling and Buying Items[]

  • using command /trade
  1. Well, First Thing First You want to offer something for something
  2. After You Got someone that want to trade with you, You must at least close to the person that u trading with.
  3. and then you type /trade (name)
  4. Put Your Items That You want to trade at the bar that already provided (for you idk if its the right one or the left one)
  5. after that you wait for your (person that you trading with) to put your items that he want to trade with.
  6. click the Accept/confirm button
  7. after you both Accept/Confirm, You Will See Another Confirmation, Click Accept.

  • Using command /ah bid (start price)
  1. Hold The Item That You Want To bid
  2. type /ah bid (start price)

Tips,Trick & More Info[]

  • Never Trade With drop item. Its Safer To do with /trade
  • Always Check Price & Name Items
  • No One Use /ah bid

Note: Im Sorry If I Missing Something, or my epic grammar broken xd, (NotLemon)